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(with J. Borg) Wied Garnaw in Santa Lucija. A Field Study Guide. 2005. Veritas Press, Malta. 38 pp. ISBN 99932-0-339-4


Let’s Go to Wied Garnaw! Why not? And let’s follow the River Garnaw to the sea at Marsascala. (Ever noticed the ponds at Marsascala? These are part of this river!)

This booklet describes how fascinating and important this pleasant, but hardly dramatic countryside really is. This is a book in the Let’s Go Series, the earlier ones covering Chadwick Lakes; Wied il-Lunziata; and Our Nature, Our Heritage; with a book to come on River Kbir. The River Valleys of the Maltese Islands gives a greater background to all.

This is written for residents, visitors, tourists–and of course schools and families, though for those, the adults may have to explain it to the children.

The text is divided into four parts:

  1. The Introduction, setting the scene, explaining the structure and history of the river valley (wied).

  2. The Walk (Map 1). This describes the Wied Garnaw proper, the upper river valley of the River Garnaw, with its Betti and Gudja tributaries. It starts and ends in Santa Lucija locality, so gives a good opportunity to see more of the village. The Chinese Garden can be used as an end-point, for instance. (For those not feeling too strong, nearly all The Walk can be driven, and the rest is nice short walks.)

  3. The Tour. It is not, of course, reasonable to describe the upper part of a river without pointing out where it goes next: curling round Zejtun, picking up a large tributary from Ghaxaq, and a small one from Zejtun itself, curling further round and into the deep valley through which the river flowed down to Marsascala. It is described less fully: but, once having understood the Upper Valley, it is much easier to interpret the Lower Valley. For the fit, it can be walked, and much more detail seen, that way. For most, driving is more satisfactory.

  4. Activities for The Walk. These are only a few, since many more can be found in the authors’ other publications, found in the Reference List.
The Route describes the nitty-gritty of which roads and turns to take to follow the Guide.