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Impact of land use changes on rivers. 2000. Aspects of Applied Biology, 58, 197—204.


The way land is used influences the physical and the chemical aspects of the rivers flowing over it. Physically, position, shape, water quantity and flow (and their dependent features) change with land use, as do, chemically, run-off and effluents. Consequently, changes in land use change rivers. In Malta, changes have been drastic and destructive. "Malta has no rivers" is commonly said. Lowland England is in similar danger next century, unless, that is, river corridor drainage is decreased. In Hungary, river corridors often still bear marsh and willow wood around streams, and mixed broadleaf woods near large rivers. Soil chemistry is in equilibrium with its vegetation. It strongly influences run-off and therefore river chemistry. Soil chemistry is changed by intensifying land use. Such changes, moving a habitat away from its traditional one, are unsatisfactory.

Key words:
Water needs, soil chemistry, loss.